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Custom Programs


We understand how difficult it is when you lose a love one and want to make this experience as quick and easy as possible for you.  We have competitive prices and will help you with coordinating and creating a beautiful  program for love one wake, funeral and/or memorial service. 

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Memorial Videos


An important part of the process of dealing with the death of a loved one is honoring that person's memory in a special way. One such way is with a memorial tribute video.

Click below to learn more on how memorial tribute videos can help bring closure and can highlight important aspects of that person's life.

Living Video Tribute


Some one once said "give me my flowers while I yet live". That is the purpose of creating a living video tribute. 

We can help you create a detailed account of your life through our cinematic story telling so that you can share your life with your family and friends and then future generations.

Memorial Video Hosting


If family or friends can't make it to the funeral service we offer a memorial video tribute hosting web page.


A hosting web page comes with a listing of photos, customized design video, obituary, family contact information, as well as a place for family or friends to leave comments.

Funeral Home Online Services


Video Online


For those family members or friends that can't make your funeral service but who would like to view the proceedings live as it happens, live streaming maybe for you.

We don't necesarily recomend one vendor over another but this information can aid you in your research in providing such services.


For mourners, family and friends who can not attend your funeral service or who may be living abroad, but would like to view the proceedings at a later time, we can have your ceremony available online, privately and securely, within hours - and available for 90 days.

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More and more funeral homes are offering live-streaming of services, so mourners who can't attend can still say goodbye. Now with funerals being streamed live, or available on-demand, those who can’t make the live event can still share in it. See a few live stream providers below.


Funeral Stream   *   Krause Funeral Services   *    One Room Funerals   *   5 Steam   *   Online-Funeral




For the funeral director that wants to start streaming video online, but isn't ready to start broadcasting LIVE, our On-Demand Video solution is perfect.




You take a video camera to the funeral service, record the service, and then upload the recorded file to us. We then take the file and begin its 90 days of online streaming, create 2 DVDs of the recording, and archive the video for (2) TWO YEARS. If the family would like to order additional copies of the DVD we'll always have it to quickly duplicate them for an additional cost.

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