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Photographs tell stories, stories that speak to the heart in a way that few other things can. Putting photos together in a Video Tribute will give you and your loved ones something you will always treasure. Watching each beloved photograph will bring back stories and memories you've shared with your loved one, ensuring that their spirit will always live on in your heart.


Watching each beloved photograph will bring back stories and memories you've shared with your loved one, ensuring that their spirit will always live on in your heart.


Family and friends always enjoy reflecting on the life of a loved one.  So the main purpose of a Video Tribute is to accomplish this by celebrating the cherished memories, life stories, and life events shared by all.

Living Tribute Photos
Help take the burden off your loved ones by taking your end-of-life
decisions in advance, in a calm and thoughtful atmosphere.
  • Reflect on your life—the people, events, values, challenges and joys that have given your life a sense of purpose and meaning.
  • Leave a legacy by creating memories for loved ones to keep.
  • Relieve the burden on your family by having a video created before death.
  • Celebrating a life well lived strengthen family unity.
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your story tomorrow:
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Creating a living tribute video while your love one is still living can be a wonderful process.   It not only tells a story of a life well lived but can be a near completed video that can take the pain from dealing with a sudden lost.

Living Video Tribute (LVT)

What is a Living Video Tribute


By definition, a Video Tribute is a custom-crafted, high-quality, video production that contains personally chosen photos and your selection of appropriate music.


Once completed, the music, photos, and video are choreographed and played simultaneously together to create your personalized Video Tribute.


Why create a Living Video Tribute


Everybody’s life matters  A tribute video or video biography is one of the most meaningful things you can leave to your family. It helps generations connect in a profound and important way.


Who you are matters  A tribute video,  is a way to say the important things about yourself or a love one and help pass their wisdom from one generation to the next.


Where you came from matters  Creating a legacy video, family history video, or genealogy connects generations. It helps people acknowledge the talents and gifts that pass from one generation to another.   Understanding the culture and traditions we came from helps us to understand who we are.


What you do matters  Documenting the struggles and triumphs of a person’s career or business success with a tribute video is a wonderful way to acknowledge an individual or business contribution.


Your voice matters  Create a tribute video that will record and preserve your life and accomplishments and convey your wishes while you yet live.


How to start the process


Ask Questions... Lots of them:

Instead of just asking your families for photos they’d like to include in their loved one’s tribute video, ask them questions so you can truly capture the story of that person. Try asking questions like:

  – What was the happiest moment of their life?
  – What are they most proud of?
  – What are the most important lessons they learned in life?
  – What is your favorite memory with them?
  – What were some of their favorite stories or memories?
  – Did they have any favorite photos? What specific photos MUST be incorporated in the tribute video?
  – How would they want to be remembered?
  – What hobbies did the love one have?

The more questions you ask, the more information you’ll have to work with when creating your tribute video.


Go Beyond Photos:

With the new Life Tributes coming out here pretty soon, one feature we’re most excited about is the ability to incorporate video clips into your families’ tribute video. But it doesn’t stop there… what if you could scan in that person’s college diploma, plane tickets, or other memorabilia they’ve kept over the years? Don’t overwhelm and bore your funeral guests with too many images of memorabilia, but it might be worth incorporating them to mix things up a bit.


Tell a Story with Photos

In order to authentically remember the life lived, it helps if you put the pictures the family gives you into chronological order when possible. That way it tells the story of the loved one’s life in a beautiful way, from beginning to end.


Tip: In order to do this, you’ll need to ask the family to put them in chronological order for you. Otherwise, you could spend days doing this on your own!


Take advantage of captions

As tempting as it may be to place elaborate captions on every photo, try to keep text captions very minimal. Slowing the movie down to allow for reading time can interfere rather than enhance everyone’s viewing experience. Instead, try placing year references every several photos for a more realistic use of captions.


Tell a story with the cover photo

The cover photo for your Living Video Tribute is used twice: once on the DVD menu and again on the DVD jacket cover, so pay special attention it and how it looks on the screen. Pay special attention to the way the photo crops into the square frame, making sure nothing in the background is distracting.


Tip: Because all cover photos automatically crop into a 1:1 aspect ratio to prevent them from stretching, shrinking or distorting, a cover photo may need additional adjustment, even if it looks great anywhere else.

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