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Memorial Video Hosting

Personalized Online Memorial Hosting Tributes Helps Families to Share, Celebrate, and Remember


Our memorial video hosting service is a personalized place on the Internet which is specifically designed to celebrate a loved ones life story, and memories. 


Most Funeral or Cemetery Directors suggest this as an excellent option for families because it serves as one common place on the Internet where friends and family can come together and share, remember, and celebrate the memories through these online tributes….from anywhere in the world with Internet access.

Memorial Video Hosting Features, Benefits, and Security


Given the rapid growth of the internet, social networks, and technology, new features and benefits of a Memorial Video Hosting have been constantly introduced.


Since many families have concerns about privacy and security issues, each family has the option to open their memorial website to the public, or they can also create a private viewing through the use of password protection. 


Online Memorial Hosting Services
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Memorial Video Hosting Features and Benefits for Funeral Homes and Cemetery Directors


For a variety of reasons, many people simply cannot attend a funeral. By far, the fastest growing memorial technology families are choosing is called funeral webcasting, which allows you to “attend” a funeral or memorial service “live” via the Internet.




For the funeral director that wants to start streaming video online, but isn't ready to start broadcasting LIVE, our On-Demand Video solution is perfect.




You take a video camera to the funeral service, record the service, and then upload the recorded file to us. We then take the file and begin its 90 days of online streaming, create 2 DVDs of the recording, and archive the video for (2) TWO YEARS. If the family would like to order additional copies of the DVD we'll always have it to quickly duplicate them for an additional cost.

Streaming Funeral Services

Personalized Online Memorial Hosting Tributes Helps Families to Share, Celebrate, and Remember - Continued


ARAND Video understands how difficult a loss of a loved one can be and we are here to help honor your family member by preparing an amazing Memorial DVD slideshow.  


When you have a Memorial slideshow created for your loved one it is a wonderful way to keep their spirit alive or show a life well lived. Once we bring all the pieces by combining your favorite photos, songs and/or video clips, it becomes a special tribute reflecting the life it honors. 


Then our professional slideshows can be placed on a DVD or the video can be hosted on our memorial video hosting service. 


Memorial Video Hosting Features, Benefits, and Security - Continued


By choosing the password protected option, families have the peace of mind knowing this feature offers the highest level of security encryption that ensures access to only those they choose.


Another helpful feature of our memorial video hosting service is they can be accessed from anywhere in the world that has Internet access, allowing family members and loved ones to join together and contribute their feelings, thoughts, memories, or grief and loss.


  1. They can be shared from anywhere in the world

  2. Everything contained in these memorial online tributes can be personalized

  3. They provide the ability to incorporate photos, videos, and other documents

  4. They offer a great cost saving benefit, eliminating the need for copies of DVD's.

  5. They are a very low cost memorial option that becomes a never-ending Family Keepsake

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